Monday, June 15, 2009

Thai Paradise

Evelina absolutely loves Thai food. Wesley not so much. So Evelina immediately jumped on it when Wesley casually mentioned Thai food as a dinner option.

For this special night, we went to the Thai Paradise on Las Tunas in San Gabriel.

We ordered a lot of food for two people because Wesley was in the mood tonight. First to come was the popular Pad Thai with Seafood ($10.95). We absolutely enjoyed these rice noodles. It was tangy and not too sour (being too sour is one of our biggest Pad Thai complaints); the taste buds were not overwhelmed. The seafood, which included springy shrimp, calamari, and imitation crab meat, were cooked just right.

Next came the Stripe Bass Pae-Sa ($17.95). It arrived on a very cool fish shaped pan under a little fire with a bowl of sour and spicy soup on the side. The waitress poured half of the soup into the pan, and it instantly came to a boil. After we finished our portion of the pad thai, we ate the fish, which was lightly fried and still crispy even though it's been in the soup. We happily realized with our first bite that the fish wasn't fishy (a sign of freshness). The soup was also great; it was packed with heat not only from the chili but from the heat of the fire. Served right away, the soup was great with the fish. The soup did get too sour in the end, but still, it was a great dish.

The Stuffed Chicken Wings (usually known as Angel Wings) ($7.95) came out last even though it was the appetizer. The fried chicken was stuff with glass noodles, carrots, and some other vegetables that were pulled together by minced chicken. Wesley thought the bread-fried exterior and stuffed meat were very tasty. Evelina thought the stuff chicken was a tad dry, but the sweet and sour sauce made up for it.
We were stuffed at the end of the meal (we finished everything), but Evelina just had to order dessert. We ordered the Mango Sticky Rice ($5.50). The sticky rice and coconut sauce were delicious and not too sweet. Instead, the sweetness came from the perfectly ripe mangoes. This dessert was a great way to end a dinner full of flavors.

Thai Paradise
909 W. Las Tunas
San Gabriel, CA 91776

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Thai Paradise in Los Angeles

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  1. cute fish dish! hmm. i've never had a problem w/ pad thai being too sour, usually too sweet.

  2. Hey Wesley, it was a blast enjoying food with another Alhambra Alumni actually, ha, ha.

    all about Thai Purple, they take a while but...whole barbecued squid with young, coconut baked rice--mmmm...

    see you soon for our little blog co-op.

  3. We all love the SGV, but I have no love for "Thai" in the Western SGV.

    Both Thai Paradises locales are travesties. TP is nearly inedible. Let's look beyond basil stir fries and pad thai *.* Otherwise, carry on!