Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Soleil: How Many Mussels Do You Have in Your Stomach?

Perhaps all-you-can-eat Mussels and French Fries wasn't the greatest idea...

But we didn't know better.

Every Wednesday night, Westwood's Soleil, a French-Canadian restaurant, offers all-you-can-eat mussels and french fries for $14.99. All the mussels we can eat? Woot, the Pandas are there and so were our friends Riley and Serena. Boy were we ready to conquer those mussels and get every dollars worth of our money.

FIRST SERVING: Steaming bowls of mussels are set in front of each of us. Minced garlic sparsely covers the fairly large mussels in a traditional white wine and butter soup. The meat is just as huge. On top of that, we have a basket of crispy shoestring fries. This is going to be a good meal.

SECOND SERVING: After waiting a good 10 minutes, our waiter finally comes over with our next helping. To avoid losing precious eating time, we proudly ask the waiter to put in another round. Steam again rises into our faces. We consume our new bowls of mussels, but begin noticing small, "dwarf" sized meat in big mussels. Riley announces that four of his has no meat. No worries, we have another serving.

THIRD SERVING: Right after clearing our second serving plates, the third serving comes in. Naturally, we ask the waiter to have the next one ready. That's when mussel-overload began to kick in. Riley declares that this is probably going to be his last one. Wesley, never the one to leave his buddies behind, reassures Riley that he'll take over his plate if he can't finish. Evelina and Serena begin creating conspiracy theories that the restaurant may have used to justify why they're "feeling it" at the third plate. "That's why the restaurant serves bread." "That's why they serve french fries." THIS IS HOW THEY GOT US.

FOURTH SERVING: Serena, Riley, and Evelina declare it to be the last. Before even digging in, Wes orders another one. "Ha, I'm still on top of it." Serena and Riley finish their plates and are "satisfied." Half way through, the mussels start to smell wretched to Evelina. She hands the plate over to Wesley. As he finishes up, the waiter comes over to grab our plates.Out of curiosity, we ask, "What's the record for the most plates of mussels consumed?" "Seven," says the waiter. Well, that's a surprisingly small number.

FIFTH SERVING: Wesley contemplates beating the 7 bowl record. "I can probably do it. I've already consumed four and a half." Plate #5 is placed in front of him. He's doing well in the beginning, but half way through, he too meets his faith as the mussels become to "seafood-e." He finishes his fifth plate, but calls it quit. KO.

At the end of our howmanymusselswillittaketokillus feast, we realized that, yes, all-you-can-eat mussels probably wasn't that great of an idea. But just because we couldn't conquer the cheapest shellfish in the sea, doesn't mean we're crossing off Soleil. Since Evelina will be living a block away from this "star-lit" restaurant when school starts, we'll be back to try the other entries before giving our final verdict.

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  1. we can almost feel your pain after reading about the 5 serving...we've been there once, but not for mussels night. we've only wish they would have different preparations of the mussels .